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Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 4 - 7
Q Without U Song - Between the Lions
From YouTube, produced by PBS Kids.org
Letter Q is the lead singer in this jazzy animated cartoon. The song talks about how q is never found along in a word, but always with his partner q. The singers, dancers, and bandmembers in this video are all letters that help to spell out many diff... [more]
Found by CKR11 in RF.2.3f
July 28, 2009 at 06:00 PM
Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 4 - 7
Read and Use a Pictograph
From eduplace.com, produced by Houghton Mifflin
Students learn how to read and use a pictograph by counting the number of objects in each row.  Which object had the most?  User clicks through the slides.
Found by tinag1974 in 2.MD.D.10
May 14, 2010 at 01:20 PM
Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 10 - 18
Pre-Algebra: Bar Graphs, Part 1
From youtube.com, produced by Derek Owens
This five-minute presentation is part 1 of 2 parts on how to read and interpret bar graphs. (05:35)
January 27, 2010 at 05:14 PM
Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 6 - 12
Keys to Good Oral Hygiene
From YouTube
A video created for elementary students to educate them on oral hygiene. Brushing Means Brushing and Watch What You're Eating are main topics discussed. (04:36)
Found by shooper in RI.2.1
November 30, 2010 at 09:46 PM
Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 5 - 9
Multiplication Facts for 3
From YouTube
Set to music, students will have the three times table memorized in no time. Equations appear, one at a time, on a black background. Singers chant the equations. First, the 'chanters' say the multiplication fact 3 times, then pause, allowing the view... [more]
August 11, 2009 at 12:56 PM
Not Right For WatchKnowLearn
Ages: 7 - 18
Armenian Folk Tale: The Liar, Part 1
From YouTube
In this animated version of an old Armenian Folk Tale,  the bored king of Armenia challenges all those he knows to come up with a lie that could impress him.  This is a great version of an interesting old folk tale. (01:55)
Found by ronna_37 in RL.2.7
December 2, 2009 at 10:10 PM